//Ris Adams;

Gratitude transforms my life.

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I count my blessings. Being thankful makes me happier and healthier

I notice small details. I recognize the positive moments that happen each day. I savor hot showers and delicious food. I celebrate free shipping and the warmth of the sun. I try to imagine what my life would be like without smartphones and voice assistants.

I reflect on what my beliefs teaches me about being grateful

I empathize with others. My perspective changes when I reach out to someone whose needs are greater than my own. I have more appreciation for my health and having a roof over my head.

I keep a journal. Writing down lists and daily observations keeps me on track. I read my journal when I am feeling down. It gives me hope and motivation.

I express my appreciation with words and actions

I tell others how much they mean to me. I visit them or send text messages and greeting cards. I let them know what a difference their presence and thoughtfulness makes in my life.

I try to pay back some of the kindness that I have received. Gratitude makes me want to give more. I donate to worthy causes and volunteer in my community. I share my hospitality and lend a hand when I see someone struggling.

Today, I look at the world with gratitude and love. I am content with what I have and eager to share my blessings with others.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What would I say if I was writing a thank-you letter to my parents?
  2. How can I be grateful for the difficulties in my life?
  3. What am I grateful for today?