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Being a parent and full-time developer doesn’t often leave me with a lot of free time. When possible, I try to maintain good relationships with family and friends. Occasionally I will also find some time for writing. While most of my writing is short-form articles for my website, I will sometimes write longer pieces to be published as e-books. When possible, I will provide these to you free of charge, but if you would like to support my ability to create new content in the future, I would love a quick sponsorship.

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Parent Guilt

One mistake, a moment of being short-tempered, a day of screens, a stop at McDonald's, the choice to use formula, going to work, an unexpected trip to the ER. All of these experiences can send you reeling into guilt mode. Have you been suffering from a heavy dose of guilt? Is it keeping you from being the best mommy or dada you can be? Are you tired of feeling ashamed and guilty all the time? This eBook can help you work through parental guilt and manage it healthily.

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