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What does living a more strategic life mean?

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Maybe you’ve been considering living a more strategic life because a friend or colleague bragged about how it changed everything for them. While it sounds great, what does living a strategic life mean?

It Isn’t Just A Decision

First, living a strategic life doesn’t mean you can decide to do so, and it is all done for you in the way you want. Living strategically is a choice that you make and a plan that you form that will govern your life in its entirety. Living strategically is not something that you should take lightly as it is a way of life and a mindset, not just a decision.

It Means You Have Direction

Besides just being a way of life, living strategically means you have a direction for the life you lead. You know where you are heading instead of just wandering around wondering how you will achieve a goal. Living strategically points you right at your goal and creates a path towards it. This path can make it easier for you to get and stay on track towards your goals.

Living A Strategic Life Is Less Anxiety Inducing

Those who struggle with anxiety about the future or making decisions tend to benefit widely from living a strategic life. This benefit is because you are aware of the general direction you are headed when you live strategically. You have already worked out a lot of possible roadblocks you may encounter on your way there. Being prepared means that you will experience less anxiety on a day-to-day basis with strategic living.

Living Strategically Means You Are Committed

Above all else, living a strategic life means you are committed to making your vision a reality, no matter what it takes to get there. This doesn’t mean you can’t change your strategy as you go along; it just means that you know for sure where you are going, and you are ready to get there by changing the things you do daily.

Living a strategic life can mean different things to different people, but in general, when you choose to live a strategic life, you choose to live with a particular mindset. This mindset gives you direction and reduces anxiety, but most of all, this mindset helps you establish the things you are committed to in life, allowing you to adjust your everyday life to achieve your vision.