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6 ways to set up a home office when you do not have a spare room

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Have you found yourself working from home, but where you’ve set up your work center is getting in the way of your normal family activities? If you don’t have a spare room in your home and need to set up a home office, there are a few other areas in your house that you may consider using.

Establishing a dedicated work zone will help you remain productive and stay focused.

It all starts with looking around your home to find any extra space. Usually, you won’t have a problem finding an area in your home that isn’t being put to good use. If you really can’t find a spot, you may need to shuffle a few things around to create some space.

Get some inspiration from these home-office ideas

  1. Set up a Desk in the Living Room. The living room is a perfect spot to set up a corner office.
    • Take a look through the room and see if you can spot a corner that isn’t being used.
    • Perhaps a floor lamp is sitting there that can be easily moved to a different spot.
  2. Create a Command Center in the Kitchen. If you have a large kitchen, you can work out a home office plan there.
    • This works great for people that need to multitask in order to get things done.
    • If, for example, you have to get some work done in the afternoon but at the same time need to cook dinner for the family, you can keep an eye on the food while you’re completing your work tasks.
  3. Make an Office in the Front Entryway. Although it may seem unconventional, setting up a home office in the front entry is totally feasible.
    • Look for a desk that is attached to a storage unit to help make the furniture blend into the front hall.
    • You can also make use of any built-in storage that’s already available in the entryway that isn’t being put to good use.
  4. Use the Dining Room to Your Advantage. Do you use your dining room table a lot or simply for entertaining? If you aren’t getting much use out of it you can easily turn it into your work desk.
    • If you plan it out to be a temporary desk where everything can be moved quickly when company arrives, you won’t have a problem using the table for both dining and for work.
    • Invest in a rolling cart with at least 2 shelves. You could quickly and easily load your work items, including your computer, onto the cart and roll it out to another room when you need to.
  5. Set Aside an Area in the Basement. If you have a basement in your home, there’s a good chance that you can flush out some unused space there.
    • Install recessed lighting and purchase a high-quality desk lamp to brighten up the space.
    • The basement is the perfect place to set up shop since it will keep you away from any distractions that may be occurring on the main floor.
  6. Create a Workspace in Your Bedroom. You may discover some extra space in your bedroom that can be used as an office area.
    • Buy a storage unit with doors on it to put your work away at night. Work clutter can actually disturb your sleep.

Home offices have become the new normal these days, and they naturally blend into the rest of the room when you set them up the right way. It just takes a bit of thought and creativity to make an office that works for you