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How to update all your software at once with Winget

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Historically, updating software on Windows has been a pain. You had to go to each website, download the installer, and run it. This was especially true for software that was not installed from the Microsoft Store. While this is still true for some software, there is a new tool that makes updating software much easier.

What is Winget?

Winget is a new command line package manager for Windows. It is similar to Homebrew on macOS, or apt on Linux. It can be installed from GitHub if it is not already installed on your system.

How to use Winget to update all your software

While Winget can be used to install software, it can also be used to update software. While this can only be used to update software that is registered with a Winget server, there are already several thousand available programs, with more coming daily. To update all your software at once, run the following command:

winget upgrade --all

Running the command without the --all argument will display a list of all the software that can be updated so you can choose which ones to update.