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Good Copywriting Habits for SEO

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Publishing a page is easy, but ensuring that you have quality content is not. How do you make sure that you balance your content so that it is easily consumable by your readers, as well as making your content easy to find by search engines? This guide will provide a few basic elements that you can review to make sure your articles have the highest possible impact and reach.

Copywriting is hard work, but rewarding

Before you begin writing you need a topic. It is your responsibility to ensure that the article copy is clear, easy to digest, and matches the theme of your core topic. Decide on the structure of your article (headings, body paragraphs, etc.) and build an outline before starting your copy. It is much easier to write copy in small digestible chunks, and bonus–it is also easier for your visitors to read!

Review your checklist

  • Make sure your topic is clear and consistent
  • Make sure that you analyze your text to include key phrases, and update your page categories and tags appropriately.
  • Make sure that your paragraphs are short
  • Look for opportunities to link to other pages on your site
  • Have a clear call to action

It is a lot of work to write optimized, clear, and focused articles. The time and effort will pay off. Make it a habit to review and scrutinize your content before you publish, and if necessary review the content periodically to ensure it is still relevant. When copywriting for SEO, it is important to focus on keeping your keywords front-and-center and to write with confidence.

The Payoff

After your copy is in place, your editing process should include a few steps to make sure that your article is cohesive and focused.