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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Diversity: If you have a certain representative number of employees from various backgrounds, you have a diverse workforce. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone within it feels welcomed or valued. Before, it used to be ‘enough’ to have a certain percentage of diverse workers at any given company. But not only were these numbers often not met, but it was also rarely acted upon as a top initiative. Thankfully, that’s changing.

Equity: This is about ensuring everyone has access to the same opportunities. In short, it’s about recognizing that we don’t all come from the same place and making sure that everyone, regardless of identity or financial background, has access to growth and development. This includes the ability to be compensated fairly and equally for performing your job

Inclusion: People should be celebrated – not separated – for their differences. To bring their unique ideas, experiences and practices to life, people need to be empowered and inspired. And to be truly effective, inclusion must be engrained and integrated throughout the entire workforce

Belonging: Workplaces that create a culture of belonging allow their employees to thrive simply by being who they are every day. Constantly being afraid of expressing yourself doesn’t foster a sense of creativity and innovation – especially not in the workplace. Creating social connections will strengthen everyone’s ability to communicate, get work done and enjoy each other’s company.