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Strategies for Weekend Job Hunting

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There’s some truth to the adage that the more time you spend looking for work, the shorter your job search will be. With that in mind, you might want to avoid taking 2 days off each week while you’re waiting for the business to resume on Monday morning.

Fortunately, there are worthwhile things you can do on the weekend that will help you land your next position sooner. Start with these 3 strategies suitable for Saturdays and Sundays.

Networking on Weekends

Networking is one of the most effective ways of looking for work. While online communications are helpful, face-to-face interactions have more impact. Weekends provide opportunities to spend time with contacts who may be too busy to see you during the week.

  1. Volunteer in your community. Donate your time and talent to worthy causes. Gain valuable experience, and mingle with other volunteers, staff, and supporters.
  2. Get a side job. Would you like to earn income while you make new friends? Look into ridesharing, party planning, and similar gigs.
  3. Work out. Gym memberships, exercise classes, and team sports help you bond with other fitness fans. Taking care of your physical and mental health will also help you manage stress if you’re unemployed or dissatisfied with your current job.
  4. Throw a party. Extend your hospitality. Help organize a block party or host your own barbecue. Job leads are just one benefit of getting to know your neighbors.
  5. Practice small talk. Others may be eager to talk shop, or they might want to take a break from the office. Pay attention to whether it’s appropriate to hand out business cards or stick to more neutral subjects.

Skill Building on Weekends

Lifelong learning is essential to your career. Find out what qualifications employers in your field are looking for. Then, use your free time to add those credentials to your resume.

  1. Study online. Browse online for courses and certifications that will increase your capabilities. Arrange a dedicated study space so you can minimize interruptions. If possible, contact the instructors to clarify expectations and find out how to ask for extra help if you need it.
  2. Visit your library. Explore the career resources available at your local library. Many branches offer computer classes and business seminars. Ask a librarian to recommend books and other materials that match your interests.
  3. Teach others. You can learn a great deal by being an instructor. Offer an organic gardening class at a nearby community center. Tutor students who are learning to code.

Having Fun on Weekends

Job hunting can leave you feeling anxious and disappointed. Stay upbeat by scheduling time to play and relax so you’ll make a more positive impression on potential employers.

  1. Share a laugh. Do something entertaining. Take your family out to see a funny movie and play miniature golf afterwards. Invite a friend to join you for coffee at a cat cafe. If your city doesn’t have one yet, watch videos together on your phone.
  2. Enjoy nature. Green spaces are restful and uplifting. Go rock climbing or ride your bike. Spend a day at the beach or in the mountains. Check the schedule of events at your local park.
  3. Appreciate art. Visit a museum or create your own works. Many institutions have free admission or economical annual membership fees so you can visit as often as you want.

Stand out from the competition by resisting the urge to sleep in or binge watch TV over the weekend. Use the last days of the week to expand your network, strengthen your skills, and maintain your emotional health. Perseverance and consistency will make your job search more successful.