//Ris Adams;

Career Success

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What does career success look like to me

  • The ability to love the work that I do
  • The ability to work on interesting problems that provide a challenge.
  • The ability to surround myself with people I respect and admire
  • The ability to respect my employer
  • A fair trade between the hours I put in, and the compensation for those hours
  • The ability to make that choice myself

What does career failure look like to me

  • Doing boring work, that I hate to do
  • Being the only point of failure for a project, or not having backup for my position available
  • Being surrounded by people that I can’t or don’t admire or respect
  • Working for a company that I am ashamed of
  • Inflexible scheduling, or the inability to take time away if needed
  • an unfair relationship between the hours I work, and the compensation received