Career Planning Quiz

Quick Career Assessment

Below is a short quiz to help asses where you are in your career. For each question give yourself the number of points that most closely matches where you are.

1) In order to meet new people I

  1. Read stuff online, and get to know the authors.
  2. Talk with others in forums, social media, etc.
  3. Go to in-person events and ope others introduce themselves to me.
  4. Go to in-person events and break the ice by introducing myself to other folks.

2) My Personal Network is

  1. Ethernet or Wifi.
  2. A few folks that I have worked with in the past.
  3. Dozens of people that I’ve met online (but not in real life)
  4. Hundreds of people that I stay in touch with and meet up with regularly to keep growing

3) While preparing for a new job, I

  1. Wait, did I get fired again?
  2. Watch webcasts every few months about topics that I already work with
  3. Every month, I learn about new things outside of my comfort zone.
  4. As I learn and grow each month, I keep my resume (and social media) up to date with what I am doing

4) For my career growth, I set aside

  1. Nothing
  2. 1-4 hours per week
  3. 1 day per week
  4. 2 days per week

5) I give back to the community by

  1. I don’t
  2. Being a good attendee, filling out feedback forms, leaving constructive comments on blog posts.
  3. Doing things online, such as blogging.
  4. Doing things in person, like volunteering, presenting, and organizing user groups.


> 7Who is responsible for your career?
7-14This is average. You are doing well, but start thinking about how to improve and set goals for yourself
< 14You are well above average, start teaching others how to get to your level