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The Diversity problem in Open-Source projects

May 23,2022 deib

The software industry has a diversity problem. Specifically that there isn’t much diversity at all. We are also living in a time where we are hearing about project maintainers engaging in targeted harassment against minorities. This is a problem that we need to address. Why do we as a community have to deal with this, and how can we as maintainers help? Trying to fix a broken system is not a solution, but trying to make it better is the first step.


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Redirecting pages in jekyll (Without Plugins)

Hosting your site on Github Pages is fantastic, easy and inexpensive. Using Jekyll to generate your pages is easy and very configurable. It’s the perfect solution for a static site (as well as what I use for this blog). Sometimes, however you may run into situations where you need to redirect a page to another page, and without access to your backend to use server-side redirects you need to do it manually.